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K7x/CMS Computerized Mandibular Scanner

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Multiple sensors in an extremely light weight (four ounce) spectacle-like array, track the motion of a tiny magnet attached to the lower incisal gingiva with adhesive material. The configuration is totally non-invasive and, unlike clutches, does not interfere with patient function. The opposing sensors are wide apart permitting unobstructed access to the oral cavity for taking bite registrations and other clinical procedures, and the system is virtually immune from effects of slight head motion or nearby metallic or electronic interference. A patient education mode is included to simplify patient understanding and staff training.

Patient Posture and Cervical Range of Motion can now be monitored exclusively with the K7x.

These scans are an invaluable three dimensional representation of mandibular rest, the relaxed neuromuscular path of closure, centric occlusion, habitual path of closure and protrusive guidance that aids the clinician in recording an optimal occlusal position.

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